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29 Years

Success that you can see – simply beautiful scars.

Maria got lucky. When the window pane broke, a shard of glass just missed her eye. Maria is still not happy: the scar by her temple makes her feel disfigured (see top photo). The fun-loving woman hardly wants to leave the house. Beautiful, smooth skin is more important today than ever. Scars are therefore considered particularly disturbing and impair one's own emotional well-being.

Maria's general practicioner understands the psychological needs of his young patient and recommends treatment of the scar with the modern scar gel Dermatix® Gel. The transparent silicone gel is invisible after the application. Because of the discreet treatment Dermatix® Gel is particularly good for exposed skin areas, such as the face or décolleté.

Silicone has been used for a long time for many things, including plastic surgery, to help prevent conspicuous scar development. Until recently, it was only possible to get silicone as gel films or gel pillows that adhere to the skin. Many patients are resistant to such obvious scar therapies on exposed skin areas such as face or décolleté.

The modern silicone gel Dermatix® Gel is a huge advancement in this area: in clinical studies, the gel was just as effective as silicone gel films or gel pillows. However, the silicone gel offers a much more discreet and simple to apply alternative therapy. The transparent gel dries quickly and does not stick. Make-up and creams can be applied over the gel when it is dry, making it ideal for the treatment of scars on exposed parts of the body.

This was also Maria's experience. In the same way that the scar near her eye became paler and softer (see bottom photo), the scar in her soul healed as well.

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