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4 Years

Success that you can see – simply beautiful scars.

Kevin is a real wild child and manages to injure himself quickly. About three weeks ago, Kevin crawled through a hole in the fence. A protruding nail left its ugly mark on his delicate young skin. The wound healed well, but it left a red and thickened scar behind (see photo top left).

The pediatrician advised Kevin's mother to treat the scar with a specific scar gel. He recommended the modern silicone gel Dermatix® Gel. This scar gel is particularly well-tolerated. It works externally by restoring the moisture balance in the skin. The gel is not absorbed by the body. Therefore the silicone scar gel is particularly appropriate for sensitive children's skin. Kevin's mother applies the scar gel twice daily to the scar and finds it very easy. The gel dries quickly and covers the scar in a thin transparent film. Nothing further, such as an adhesive bandage, is necessary. In clinical studies, the application of a silicone gel was just as successful as the application of silicone gel films and silicone gel adhesive bandages, but it was much simpler. With a lively child like Kevin, a quick and simple application and not worrying about a bandage falling off is a big relief.

After several months, the scar on Kevin's face is considerably reduced. It is flatter and paler, smoother and softer (see photo bottom left). When Kevin grows up, he will hardly remember the injury or the simple scar treatment.

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