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24 Years

Success that you can see – simply beautiful scars.

Eva has brought two children into the world, both with a c-section. The second operation left a wide, red scar behind that irritates her (see top photo). Eva is a bikini and sauna fan, and she finds the hard and bulgy scar not only visually but also physically disturbing, particularly because she is otherwise fit. She also suffers from tightness and itchiness in the scar area.

Eva thought she had done everything right. Starting three weeks after the operation, she began to massage the scar with a rich body lotion. She had hoped that the freshly developed tissue would remain soft and elastic, but the self-treatment could not prohibit the scar from becoming red and bulging just beyond the normal skin level.

A friend of Eva's recommends spreading a thin layer of the silicone gel Dermatix® Gel twice daily on the scar. The transparent gel dries quickly and does not stick to clothing, which is particularly important in the abdominal area. Thanks to the discreet treatment, Eva can enjoy the summer in her bikini. Since the newly developed skin does not have the pigment cells for melanin production, it is important that the area be protected from exposure to the sun. Sun cream or sun block is therefore very important during the scar healing process, which is no problem for Eva, because sun protection creams can be applied directly over the area treated with Dermatix® Gel.

The treatment with the silicone gel should last at least two months, which makes Dermatix® Gel ideal, as it is so efficient and can be used sparingly. With particularly pronounced scars like Eva's c-section scar, a longer implementation period could be necessary.

The regular use of the silicone gel paid off for Eva. After several months, only a pale, flat and soft stripe remains of the once so disturbing scar. You can see the success (see bottom photo).

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